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St. Valentine

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floral bouquet + musk

For centuries, flowers have symbolised love, fertility marriage, and romance.

During the Victorian era, it became popular to use flowers to send secretive messages. Wonder what tea they were spilling?

Fast forward to present times and flowers are still a major sentimental gift, however the reason behind these gifts may have changed.

We are in a time where love can be celebrated in many different ways, come in all shapes and sizes and many different forms!

Flowers can be given to a loved one of romance, love for our pets, our family or our important significant other.

They can show someone that you care, that you’re cheering them on, supporting them, proud of them, loving them and simply making them feel important in this world.

This is what Valentine’s Day should be all about.

Whatever special someone you have in mind, the number one association with Valentine’s Day is flowers.

With scents of a floral bouquet,  our St. Valentine will have anyone feeling loved!


Top Notes: florist shop + daisies

Middle Notes: rose petals + carnations

Base Notes: cedarwood + white musk


Approx burn time 45hrs