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Ghosts of the Goldfields Travel Tin

Ghosts of the Goldfields Travel Tin

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Ghosts of the Goldfields

Natural Spice


"Twas the night before Halloween when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even the louse..
Step into a realm where history and mystery intertwine – the hauntingly beautiful city of Ballarat. Amid its cobbled streets and historic corners, the shadows of the past come alive in whispers and apparitions. Our stories are not just tales; they are the echoes of forgotten lives, the secrets of old buildings, and the souls that still wander. From the eerie auditorium of Her Majesty's Theatre, to the hushed lanes of Lydiard Street, where every cobblestone tells a story. Hear the whispers of the Eureka Rebellion, catch a glimpse of the spectral presence at the Old Ballarat Cemetery, and feel the chill of time as you wander through the streets of years gone by.
With notes of orange, bergamot, balsam, black pepper and clove this candle is spine-tingingly good!


Approx burn time 15hrs
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