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Mr Davies Hot Cross Buns

Mr Davies Hot Cross Buns

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Mr Davies

Hot Cross Buns,
Hot Cross Buns;
One a penny, two a penny,
Hot Cross Buns.

The Eureka Bakery, later called Davies Bakery, is one of the oldest industries in Ballarat. The business was operating as far back as 1854, only a few years after the founding of Ballarat.

Meet the famous Mr Davies.

In 1880 John Davies began by delivering bread by day and learning to bake at night from German baker, Mr Louis Trobler, at Talbot during the gold rush era.

In 1885, when Mr Trobler retired, John was able to purchase the bakery.
Gold around Talbot declined and in 1894 John sold the business and moved to Ballarat, where he purchased a bakery in Eureka St.

John Davies ran the bakery until 1923, at which time his son, Fred "F.T."  Davies", became the proprietor.

The business continued to grow under Fred, who turned it into one of the most successful industries in Ballarat

By 1926, the Eureka Bakery was using 10 tons of flour a week, and stocked 96,000 eggs in its cellars.
It was baking up to 13,000lbs of bread and pastry weekly, and delivering goods all over Ballarat and the surrounding country towns.

The bakery was run by successive generations of the Davies family, until in 1962, when the business was sold to the Bunge Group, and became part of the Sunicrust Bakeries chain.

The bakery was located at 47 Eureka Street, in East Ballarat, and remained there until at least 1956.

However, the original factory was torn down years ago, and the business lives on through Sunicrust Bakeries (15-17 Lal Lal St, Ballarat); and Davies Bakery Pty. Ltd. (24 Military Road, Broadmeadows).

The site of the original bakery on Eureka St, is currently an empty lot.



Top Notes: Rum + Raisins
Middle Notes: Butterscotch + Maple Syrup
Base Notes: Cinnamon + Vanilla Bean


Approximate Burn Time 45hrs

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