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Banana Lollies Travel Tin

Banana Lollies Travel Tin

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Banana Lollies

I unchain my bike from the rack as soon as the bell goes.

Mum gave me 50c to go to the milk bar after school.

I don’t know what put her in such a generous mood, but I’m going to town when I see Bill!

Sweats dripping down my face, my bike clicks as my bright beads spin around the pedals.

I have to stop for moment as my butterfly clips are hurting against my helmet.

I finally reach Bill’s Milk Bar.

I’m kind of a regular here.

I don’t know what I’m in the mood for.. I’m pretty basic when it comes to sweets.

And there I spot them.

Sweet, yellowy goodness! Banana heaven.

Do I go the mixed bag or do I go all out and get a ridiculous amount of banana lollies?

What the heck!

I head up to the counter, I can see Bill’s in a good mood because all the Herald Suns have sold out, that’s always a good thing!

“Bill, give me the works, 100 banana lollies please!”

Bill rolls his eyes because this is probably the hardest task of the day, picking up 100 lollies for a 10 year old, but deep down he’s an old softy!

He gives me my 10c change and I hold on to it for another time and say goodbye!

I pick up the white paper bags and rustle them in my hands.

I take a big sniff and the sweetness of banana hits.

Chewiness and a sugar rush hit my mouth.

I’ve really hit the jackpot today!

Then I realise, I didn’t bring my bum bag, how on earth am I going to take these home?

Oh well, I think, no harm in eating them all here whilst I check on my tamagotchi.

Top Notes: Sugar + Musk
Middle Notes: Lemon + Grapefruit
Base Notes: Banana + Vanilla

Approximate burn time 15hrs

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