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Botanical Gardens Travel Tin

Botanical Gardens Travel Tin

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Botanical Gardens

Your eyes instantly lock with the lush, green grass across the gardens. Bright, bold flowers are scattered in uniformed rows as far as the eye can see.
To your left you spot families, picnicking. To your right, you catch a couple, hand in hand, admiring the beauty of the gardens around them.
History is lined up against a burgundy red road. The glasshouse glistens in the sun, holding a somewhat cathedral of flower beauties.
With over 40 hectares to explore, imagination is being formed as children wind through the pathways and rotundas.
You see them mesmerised by the simplest touch of a marble lion, or the smell of begonias
And be sure to take a second to visit the iconic Ballarat Tramway Museum.
Everywhere you look, people are making memories. Families gather, couples wander, children play and people visit for a place to relax.
Finally, you suddenly note the aromas of fresh air, native plants and stunning botanicals.
The Ballarat Botanical Gardens is the place to be.
Top Notes: lily + white rose
Middle Notes: orchid + gardenia 
Base Notes: musk + grapefruit 

15hrs burn time 


Did You Know - A zoo was located in the North Gardens for 43 years from 1917 – 1959. In 1912, former Ballarat citizen, Henry Ben Jahn, left his entire estate, about 10,000 pounds, to the City Council for the purpose of establishing a 'menagerie' in the Botanical Gardens. 

Remnants of the animal enclosures, historic concrete structures from the 1940s, are still present the north end of Nursery and Zoo Drive.

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