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The Blacksmith

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The Blacksmith

Hay & Dry Tobacco

The heat from the burning furnace, the smell of hot steel in the air. The Blacksmith transports you back to the 1800's, where the faint sound of rumbling wagon wheels and the echo of horses hooves can be heard. 

A crackling fire, the aroma of dry tobacco and a handsome rugged blacksmith hard at work, this candle combines 2/3 of these scents (.....we'll let you figure out which two!).
We've put a modern twist on an old classic, using scents of fresh hay, dry tobacco leaf, honey and amber to transport you back in time.
Did you know that during the 1800's the blacksmith often set up shop in a place of importance such as the centre of a village or town, making not only weapons but nuts nails, furniture, locks, horseshoes, armour and plenty more and was an integral part of the community.
Today we are lucky enough to visit the iconic Soverign Hill and pay homage to the blacksmith's workshop where we can watch the the process of both modern day and traditional pieces coming to life.
Top Notes: Fresh Hay + Tobacco Leaf
Middle Notes: Honey + Iris
Base Notes: Amber + Incense
Approx burn time up to 60hrs