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Date Night on Lydiard

Date Night on Lydiard

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Date Night on Lydiard

popcorn, waffle cone + choc caramel 

Its finally date night! After countless hours googling menus and many arguments over who’s turn it is to pick the movie, you’re finally ready to hit the town!

The suns gone down and Lydiard street is alight.

The street is bustling with sounds of live music and excited chatter.

After a romantic dinner at Craigs Royal hotel you still have a little time left before the movie begins.

You mosey on down to The Lane to enjoy the music… and a few cheeky wines (because it is the weekend after all!)

Then it's finally time for the main event , you make your way through the doors of the iconic Regent Cinema and that’s when it hits you, the mouth watering aroma of warm buttery popcorn mixed with the deliciously sweet smells coming from the candy bar.

A choc top? Why not! You know you’re going to.. because who can say no?

After dropping an entire pay check at the candy bar, it’s finally time to sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

…. Got no date? Single and alone? That’s ok too.. we’ve got you covered!

With notes of buttery popcorn, waffle cone, decadent chocolate caramel and vanilla bean our candle will keep you warm on those cold and lonely Ballarat nights!

Top Notes: popcorn + waffle cone

Middle Notes: chocolate + caramels

Base Notes: sugar + vanilla


Approx burn time 45hrs


 NOTE: Discolouration can occur in scents containing a high vanillin content, but this will have no impact on its burn. Some fragrances may also affect the surface of the tin over time
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