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Grape Hubba Bubba Travel Tin

Grape Hubba Bubba Travel Tin

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Grape Hubba Bubba


The constant sound behind you.
What is it?
Hints or grape and berry suddenly fill the room.
You turn around and there she is.
Trinity Riley, blowing giant, purple bubbles, without a care in the world.
Twirling her luscious hair around her finger.
Her lip gloss sparkles through hints of pink on her lips.
If this was anyone else, I’d be irritated, but who wouldn’t love the smell of hubba bubba, especially if it was coming from the most popular girl in school.
Apart of me wonders whether I’m so mesmerized by her or do I actually crave a piece of that sweet grape gum?
I ponder on this a minute and think, definitely the gum.
I gotta hook myself up at the corner store stat!
Gums before chums!

Top Notes: Grape + Plum
Middle Notes: Apple + Raspberry
Base Notes: Vanilla Bean + Malt

Approximate Burn Time 15hrs
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