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MacRobertson's Chocolate Delight Travel Tin

MacRobertson's Chocolate Delight Travel Tin

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MacRobertson Chocolate Delight

I’m sure we’re all familiar with the delicious, often filled with sweet gooey goodness, chocolate frogs (did you know they were originally intended to be shaped as a mouse?!).

Or maybe the chocolate coated, cherry coconut goodness of a Cherry Ripe is what sends your taste buds into overdrive.

Whichever you choose, we have Ballarat born Sir Macpherson Robertson, (better known as MacRobertson), to thank!

Sir Macpherson ‘Mac’ Robertson was born on September 6th, 1859 right here in Ballarat.

At 19 years of age, in the bathroom of his parent's house, the young MacRobertson salvaged scrap metal to place over the family bath in order to make a workbench and purchased a 6p nail can that he converted into a small furnace. 

In the early years of his business, he walked the streets with the tray on his head, trying to interest local shopkeepers in buying his wares.

Later, as his clientele grew, he co-opted his entire family every evening to package sweets ready for selling the next morning.

By 1900, MacRoberton’s business had swallowed up several blocks of Fitzroy real estate and business was booming. 

His entrepreneurial interests expanded to transport, design, sport and philanthropy MacRobertson was a recognisable figure in Fitzroy owing to his larger than life personality and distinctive white suit.

MacRoberton died in 1945, leaving the business to be run by his sons until 1967 when it was acquired by Cadbury.

Top Notes: White Chocolate + Buttermilk
Middle Notes: Buttercream + Hazlenut
Base Notes: Dark Chocolate + Vanilla Bean

Approximate Burn Time 15hrs
 NOTE: Discolouration can occur in scents containing a high vanillin content, but this will have no impact on its burn. Some fragrances may also affect the surface of the tin over time
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