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Mrs Browne Bakes Birthday Cake Travel Tin

Mrs Browne Bakes Birthday Cake Travel Tin

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Mrs Browne Bakes

Birthday Cake

Mrs Browne Bakes' renowned flavours have been delighting Ballarat since 2016 - now, we've teamed up to bring you a very special treat that promises to tantalize both taste and smell!!

This nostalgic scent smells like a fresh vanilla sponge cake, covered with lashings of rich buttercream frosting.

Top Notes: Buttermilk + Vanilla Bean
Middle Notes: Coconut + Lemon Zest
Base Notes: Buttercream Frosting 


Approximate Burn Time 15hrs


 NOTE: Discolouration can occur in scents containing a high vanillin content, but this will have no impact on its burn. Some fragrances may also affect the surface of the tin over time
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