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Mrs Browne Bakes Caramilk Travel Tin

Mrs Browne Bakes Caramilk Travel Tin

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Mrs Browne Bakes


Mrs Browne Bakes' renowned flavours have been delighting Ballarat since 2016 - now, we've teamed up to bring you a very special treat that promises to tantalize both taste and smell!!

This popular scent smells exactly like you'd imagine! 
Like Caramilk slowly melting away on the stovetop, ready to be enjoyed (but we don't advise that you taste test this one..)

Top Notes: Double Cream + Butter
Middle Notes: Caramel + Butterscotch
Base Notes: White Chocolate + Vanilla


Approximate Burn Time 15hrs


 NOTE: Discolouration can occur in scents containing a high vanillin content, but this will have no impact on its burn. Some fragrances may also affect the surface of the tin over time
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