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Musk Sticks Travel Tin

Musk Sticks Travel Tin

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Musk Sticks

Do you ever just feel warm and cosy when you’re at your Granny’s house?
Or maybe your Pa’s?
I don’t know what it is but there’s just a comforting presence when I am there.
Everywhere I look there’s memories.
Framed photos of loved ones been and gone, children, grandchildren and lawn bowls friends.
The house is so neat and inviting.
Even the brown patterned carpet holds safe place in my heart.
Granny always puts me in a good mood.
From the moment I first visited her.
She always gives me treats, that’s what Grannies do!
I sit in the biggest arm chair, tucked in by a soft, crocheted blanket whilst she hands me a warm tea on the prettiest cup and saucer.
I’m ready to settle in and listen to her remarkable stories from her past as she hands me my favourite.
Fairy pink cylinder sticks that kind of resemble squirts of toothpaste or maybe they look like stars?
Either way, I’m hankering for one!
The waft of musk and icing sugar always makes me happy!
The combination of soft and chewy textures send my tastebuds into a frenzy.
These are the most underrated treats and Granny just knows me all too well to give these to me.
This is my comfort, my sweetness and my happy place!

Top Notes: Lemon + Rose
Middle Notes: Patchouli + Sugar Cane
Base Notes: Musk + Icing Sugar

Approximate Burn Time 15hrs
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