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Picnic By The Lake Travel Tin

Picnic By The Lake Travel Tin

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 Picnic By The Lake

champagne + strawberries

He won't tell me where he is taking me, he wants it to be a surprise.
The windows are down, with warm breezes hitting my face as I’m blind folded.
The car stops and I’m lead out by his hand. He knows I’m into gestures that come from the heart.
He tells me to stand there and take my blind fold off.
My eyes are met with the most stunning set up I have ever seen.
A checkered blanket is laid out with a symphony of antipasto snacks that could make your mouth water, (he claims it was all his doing, but I can see the CheerBox packaging hidden behind the bush!)
Spritz of bubbles are filled in delicate flutes combined with the freshest of strawberries.
Contrasts of heights are built with wooden, rustic platters and cake stands that are partnered with the most decadent of chocolates.
As I look beyond the picnic, I see that golden glow in the distance. The warm colours beating across the tranquil waters of Lake Wendouree.
I hear calmness in the breeze and a feeling of relaxation hits me. 
I sit down, tucking my legs behind me as I taste the sharpness of the vintage cheese, paired with the sweetness of quince paste.
He’s even prepared music with a speaker, which really sets the mood
I see families over on the adventure playground, couples out on the water using paddle boats.
Swans following each other, one by one as if they know that romance is in the air.
People line up to the ice cream van, taking up the opportunity whilst they still can and the weather isn’t icy in Ballarat.
Runners and bike riders swiftly move past over on the pathway. It’s Summer in Ballarat and what a night to be here!
I stare at him, realising just how much he has aced this Valentines Day.
The simplest of dates are the ones that are just the best.
Top Notes: raspberry leaf + ripened strawberries
Middle Notes:
 champagne + vanilla bean 
Base Notes: hyacinth + red rose
Approx burn time 15hrs
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