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Red Shop Tea Rooms Carrot Cake Travel Tin

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Red Shop Tea Rooms

Carrot Cake


Walking through the doors of 316 Sturt Street, it can be hard to picture this place as anything but what it is today.

For over 50 years the Eureka Bistro has filled the space with the aroma of mouth watering Italian cuisine, been a meeting place for friends and family to catch up and create memories together, and kick back and enjoy a wine or two.

But flashback to 1890, with its windows and cabinets filled to the brim with cakes, pies and desserts as far as the eye could see, stood The Red Shop Tea Rooms.

Two bakers working in the Hope Bakery in nearby Seymour Street moved here and formed a partnership, Anderson and Briant Pty Ltd, before opening the Red Shop Tea Rooms in the 1890s.

They created a grand and elegant eatery and bakery with cakes, pies, desserts and all manner of confectionery prepared and baked on the premises for nearly 70 years.

Many locals will share with you their memories of stopping by after a long, tiresome day at school to pick up their favourite cream bun.

The delicious sandwiches, cut into neat points with a sprig of parsley placed delicately on top.

Or perhaps the treasured memory of sharing a special afternoon tea with their grandparents.

"Our refreshment rooms are complete with every convenience. Electric radiators, small and large tables with a nice staff of waitresses to attend to your wishes.Our Factory is the Largest for Pastry in Ballarat... and comprises cake machines, sponge mixers, meat machines, pie machines, cochlea and icing machines and a complete for ice cream. Our decorating surpasses anything in Ballarat."
Advertisement, Berringa Herald, 1917

Top Notes: Carrot + Sweet orange
Middle Notes: Cinnamon + Caramel
Base Notes: Vanilla + Star Anise


Approximate Burn Time 15hrs


 NOTE: Discolouration can occur in scents containing a high vanillin content, but this will have no impact on its burn. Some fragrances may also affect the surface of the tin over time