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Traditional Christmas Pavlova

Traditional Christmas Pavlova

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Traditional Christmas Pavlova

Kiwi, Strawberry + Meringue

The staple of every Christmas dinner,  Granny’s Pavlova!

After a long day of unwrapping presents, backyard cricket and eating so much food you feel like you’re about to burst, everyone still piles into the kitchen for a piece of this delicious Christmas treat because who could possibly ever say no?

A blend of Summer fruits mixed with lashings of meringue, sweet cream, kiwi & strawberry, this decadent scent will transport you right back there to Grandma’s kitchen!

(This is one that Mary Berry herself would approve of!)


Top Notes: Kiwi + Passionfruit

Middle Base: Sugar + Strawberries

Base Notes: Meringue + Whipped Cream



Approx burn time 90hrs


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