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We've Struck Gold!

We've Struck Gold!

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We've Struck Gold!

Vanilla Caramel + Crème Brûlée


This candle is inspired by a popular treat some of the luckier miners were able to enjoy.
Returning home after a long, tiresome day on the goldfields, the miner was met with the rich, warm aroma of burnt sugar, melted butter and golden syrup.
His wife was busy preparing golden syrup dumplings.
The men who bought their wives along with them to the diggins had a much better diet than the single men.
Many goldrush women came to Ballarat very well prepared, bringing bags of seeds and small animals with them to ensure their family didn't starve.
With just a camp fire, a dutch oven (not the kind you're thinking!) a knife and a simple mixing bowl they were able to create many different dishes.

Top Notes: Burnt Sugar + Caramel
Middle Notes: White Chocolate + Vanilla
Base Notes: Sweet Cream + Golden Syrup

Approx burn time up to 60hrs

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